Journey to England

The journey commenced in Harrow, Western Victoria travelled through ten municipalities for a presentation at the MCG and in 2018 the journey has continued to England.

The Message Book

The Message Book is a commemorative book that was presented to the West Wimmera Shire Council at the launch of the Journey to the MCC on Sunday March 13, 2016.

The Community

Community involvement is the key to the Mullagh Wills Foundation. Building awareness of the Aboriginal Cricket Team and highlighting the important role sport plays in reconciliation…

The Foundation was formed to recognise and celebrate the Aboriginal Cricket Team of the late 1860s,
in particular the match against the Melbourne Cricket Club at the MCG in 1866 and the tour of England in 1868.

The Mullagh Wills Foundation will celebrate the remarkable achievements of this team
and focus on the recognised star of the team, Johnny Mullagh, and the original coach of the team, Tom Wills.

The projects of the Foundation are designed to bring communities together and to build stronger communities through sport.

Mullagh Wills Foundation was incorporated in December 2015.