Return to Harrow

The Message Book returned to Harrow in a special ceremony at the annual Johnny Mullagh Cricket Match in March.

Part of the Mullagh Championship weekend activities in Harrow, the cricket match was once again a highlight of the weekend and the presentation of the Message Book, from the Mullagh Wills Foundation to the West Wimmera Council, Harrow Discovery Centre and the Mullagh Cricket Match committee, was conducted during the luncheon interval. Both teams involved in the cricket match were part of the ceremony to mark the anniversary of the start of the Journey to the MCG project which commenced with the presentation of the Message Book to the West Wimmera Council at the Johnny Mullagh Cricket Match in March 2016.

At the launch in 2016, the Message Book was presented by Richard Kennedy, a member of the Wotjobaluk Clan and descendant of two members of the 1866 Aboriginal Cricket Team (Dick-a-Dick and Jim Crow), and Richard spoke in the local Wergaia language and included a message written in the Wergaia language. Richard also presented a commemorative Message Stick at the launch in 2016, this was presented to the Mullagh Wills Foundation and then presented to the Melbourne Cricket Club on Boxing Day last year.

Special guests at the launch and again at the presentation of the Message Book to the local Harrow community on March 11 included members of the Edgar and Handbury families and Frank Huthinson, all of whom have had a long association of support of the annual cricket match.

The Journey to the MCG Message Book will remain at the Harrow Discovery Centre until later in the year when it will begin another journey to follow in the tracks of the Aboriginal Cricket Team which left Edenhope for Queenscliff in 1867 before travelling to England to become the first Australian cricket team to play overseas in 1868.